Power Monitoring and Control System

Power Monitoring and Control System

For most companies, electric costs account for a large percentage of operating costs and electricity consumption increases due to unpredictable climate. But, CIMON’s power monitoring control system can manage energy use economically. Through real time monitoring and remote control, energy use and maximum amount.

The device can be set to be automatically turned to standby mode or shut down after some time not using.

Set for maximum electric power demand to not to exceed, and limit from load of lower priority by prediction control.

Smart Management for Building Energy

Power management device works along with network to check electricity usage real time From far places or in office, monitoring and remote control is possible by internet

Measurable for specific device or each electricity consumption of joint building and saves database of weekly or monthly electric power demand

Industrial devices are highly dependent on electric power therefore, central control system is required. Along with networks, monitoring and control for 24 hours are possible in remote place, and provides measure and information to check management state.