Total Solution for Industrial Automation

We are specialized in factory automation and related products such as PLC, SCADA, HMI, and IPC. We are leading diversified business field with our vision and technology.


Process and system total management industrial automation software

Industrial automation software for PC provides remote monitoring and control solution and it applies to small to large system to improve efficiency in management for distributed environments.


Process control and controller for automated facility control in large plant.

It is good for industrial robot and machine tool control.
It supports Ethernet communication and high processing ability.


Operating touch panel for next generation

From Windows CE based XPANEL to latest Windows based TOUCH series supports monitoring solution for automation area.

Smart Solution

Measuring and monitoring system for industry 4.0

Monitoring and control system for industrial facilities especially conduct monitoring and control whole system by utilizing various networks, including Ethernet.

CIMON is doing best to increase the competitiveness
in the industrial field and to achieve success of our customers.

Controllable anytime
and everywhere

To increase competitiveness in the market,
CIMON introduced advanced technology and it became possible to improve quality and productivity.



Complex database processing is done quickly with
best performance even in harsh environment

CIMON provides
high class control solution.

CIMON-PLC, which has best-in-class performance,
is optimized in high speed machine control and system design.


Safe, efficient,
and trustworthy

Smart Energy Solution
With advanced IoT technology,
integrated monitoring and control system can be constructed by utilizing various internet based networks.