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  • Q: How to fix touch calibration in XPANEL.
    A: If touch calibration is wrong, use script TouchCalib(); or click “Touch Calibrate” at the [XPANEL CONFIG].

    Download attached manual for more details.


  • Q: How to download project file from USB(Removable storage) to XPANEL
    A: Use [Online] a 
    [Copy project to removable memory] in Xpanel Designer

    Click the attached manual for more details.


  • Q: CICON shows Error message [0205] Battery fault (low voltage)
    A: This message pops up when PLC Battery is damaged or its voltage is low.
    (Battery is dead).

    If CICON shows below message, Battery needs to be replaced.

    Download below manual for more details.

  • Q: How to use SCALE in PLC
    A: Use command SCL, SCLP, DSCL, DSCLP

    SCL  / DSCL            S   D   T   n

    SCLP / DSCLP        S   D   T   n

    S : Data value that you want to convert

    D : Data value which will be converted and saved

    T : The table that has Scale information

       (Scale information must be saved at the 4 Word/Double word memory as format)

    n : Number of data that will be converted

    Converting 0~16000 value to -10~10.

    Scale Table

    D0090    Minimum value (Example: 0)

    D0091    Maximum value (Example: 16000)

    D0092    Minimum scaled value (Example:-10)

    D0093    Maximum scaled value (Example: 10)


    As example, if D0020 is 8000, it will be converted to “0” as scale value and saved in D80.

    Manual is attached at the below.

  • Q: How to find out password of PLC
    A: If you forget the password, you can’t connect to PLC. In this case, removing all PLC program or clearing memory is the only way to connect to PLC.
    (Once PLC program is removed, it can’t be restored.)

    When CICON connects to PLC (Online), you need to insert password if you already set up password before.

    If you forget the password, CICON can’t access PLC CPU module.

    In this case, remove all program and data of PLC CPU module to use it.

    Please click the below manual for more details.

  • Q: When and Why does STOP lamp on the PLC blink? How to check Error?

    A: If Error occurs in the PLC, STOP lamp will blink. Find out Error at the PLC Status.

    You can find out Error code in “PLC Status”

    Click the below attachment to see Error code.

  • Q: How to set up Latch area of PLC
    A: Refer to Latch Area Setup in “PLC Parameter”

    CIMON-PLC offers “K” Device for Latch area. Except “K”, “M, L, T(100ms), T(10ms), C, S, D” devices can be used as Latch area by manual setting.


    Online Editing does not support Latch Area Setup.

    In order to set up Latch area, download loader program to PLC.

    Please see more details at the attached manual

  • Q: How to set up CICON in order to connect to PLC
    A: You can set up the type of connection at the “Connection Setup”

    There are 5 types of connection.

    1. Serial Port: PC will connect to PLC through PC COM port.


    2. Dial-up Modem: PC will connect to PLC through Dial-up Modem.


    3. Leased Line Modem: PC will connect to PLC through Leased Line Modem.


    4. Ethernet PLC: PC will connect to PLC through Ethernet port (IP or Domain)


    5. USB port: PC will connect to PLC through USB port.

    Download below manual for more details.

  • “Enable Overlapping Objects” feature supports it.

    Go to [Tools] a [Page Setup] menu, enable “Enable Overlapping Objects” feature.  
    Multiple touch operations are executed on overlapped objects by touching one time.

    Refer to the attachment for the detailed information

  • Q: How to connect PLCS to CICON (OS : Window7) through USB cable.

    A: Windows XP will install USB driver automatically but, in case of Windows 7, user should install USB driver manually.

    Windows XP: USB device driver is installed automatically when you run CICON after CICON installation.

    Windows 7: Install USB device driver as attached manual.