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  • How to XPANEL OS

    Xpanel OS Update is supported Only to CD types only . 

    Ex) XT04CD, XT07CD, HP07CD, XT08CD, XT10CD, XT12CD, XT15CD


    – Before updating Xpanel OS, user must prepare 

    USB Flash Memory
    OS files in“NK” folder (different Xpanel types require different OS files)
    “Backup” folder 
       4)        “OSUpdate” file.


    Regarding above files and folders(2 ~ 4), please contact to CIMON administrator.

    Before starting Xpanel OS Update, please contact to CIMON administrator first.

    Please see attached manual for more details.

  • In order to connect PLC CPU to PC (CICON software) through USB cable, there must be USB Device Driver in your PC.


    Windows XP : USB Device Driver is installed automatically when you run CICON after CICON installation.


    Windows 7 : Install USB Device Driver manually.


    Please see attached installation guide manual for more details.

  • We have attached manual and sample project file.


    With script samples, you can use “User Log DB” function.

    If you see SCRIPT in the project file, there are some sample scripts and instructions.

    Please download sample porject file and manual.



  • CICON with Windows 8 (64bit)



    Some of you may wonder CICON, Xpanel Designer and CimonD can work with Win8 properly.


    We have already tested all OS and find out that only CICON is needed to fix USB driver.

    Other OS such as CimonD(SCADA) and Xpanel Desinger can work without any USB driver problem.


    We have attached simple instruction to figure out USB driver setting problem with Windows 8.

    Please refer to attached instruction.



  • Q. How to use CIMON-SCADA ODBC?

    A. Insert, Search, Update and Delete are available with CIMON-SCADA ODBC function via Microsoft Access.

    We have attached basic instructions on how to use ODBC in SCADA with Microsoft Access.

    In order to use ODBC, you need Cimon SCADA DS license.
    (The number of tags does not matter)

    If you download zip file below, you can find out sample project with manual.

    Please contact us if you have a question or inquiry.