Combined heat and power plants

CIMON provides integrated services in the design and construction of facilities designed to reduce energy consumption, combined heat and power plants, community energy systems and others in the Regional Industrial Zone.

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Biomass Power Generation

Green Energy Management makes the world a better place.
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Biomass power generation business replaces the existing fossil fuel that causes greenhouse gas emissions with biomass-based renewable energy and supplies sustainable and environment-friendly electricity through the consumption of biomass energy.

CIMON is specialized in ensuring a stable supply and demand of domestic and foreign wood processing biomass, processing biomass into fuel, analyzing the feasibility of the business and performing engineering and construction of the power plants.

  • Business Overview

CIMON utilizes a variety of naturally occurring woody biomass (afforestation, thinning-out trees, forest tree wastes, agricultural byproducts) and replaces the fossil fuel to reduce dependence on energy imports, to save the environment and to secure quota for new and renewable energy obligations.

Not only CIMON can perform intensive production of renewable energy through dedicated energy plant using biomass resources, but also we can provide and adjust the production ratio of renewable energy and heat source (hot water / steam) depending on the supply conditions of the nearby heat source.

CIMON also furnishes a system that maximizes the production of renewable energy power by using high efficiency energy technology such as gasification or combined power generation as well as traditional direct combustion.

  • Carbon Neutral

Carbon dioxide (CO2) generated in the process of using biomass is carbon absorbed by photosynthesis during biomass production. Since carbon circulates between biomass and atmosphere, using biomass does not increase the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere. In addition, because the biomass gets decomposed even if it is not utilized, the use of biomass is also associated with the recovery of energy that is discarded.

  • Wood Biomass Resource Circulation