[PLC] CIMON-CICON Software V7.02 (R190215)

CICON Version 7.02(R20190215) Release


1.     New feature

a.      Maximum number of step is changed for new F/W of CM1-CP3E, XPnE, XPnF

b.      Capacity of X, Y device is changed for new F/W of CM1-CP3E

c.      Redundancy is supported in CM1-DC10A


2.     Comments for Users

a.      Project file should be managed with one single version of CICON only

b.      Project built in CICON v7.00 or above is not compatible with CICON v6.20 or below due to enhanced security

c.      Project built in CICON v6.20 or below is compatible with CICON v7.00 or above by automatic conversion

d.      Customer must log-in as an Admin, not guest, in Windows

e.      CM1-XPnB and CM2-BP CPU are not supported in CICON v7.01 or above


3.     Improvements

a.      Reliability is improved in OPC UA special program

b.      Overall reliability and functionality are improved

CIMON-PLC Instruction Manual

CIMON-PLC Instructions Manual is updated.



CIMON-PLC Instruction Manual.zip

– PLC Basic Instsructions Manual.pdf

– PLC Application Instructions manual.pdf

CIMON-Xpanel User Manual

CIMON-Xpanel User Manual is updated.
Please click the below attachment to download it.

[PLC] CIMON-CICON Software V7.01 (R181101)

CICON Version 7.01(R20181101) Release

1.     New features

a.      New CPU models are added(XpnF/G/S/T, XPnU) & Discontinued models(XPnB, BP) are removed on CPU selection tab

b.      PWM special program is added for PLC-S

c.      Comments/description function per each loop is added on PID control special program.

d.      Search function is added on Variable Table.

e.      Update option for devices is added on Variable Table(enable/disable automatic update)


2.     Comments for Users

a.      A project file should be managed with one single version of CICON only.

b.      Customers must log-in as an Admin, not guest, in Windows.


3.     Improvements

a.     Windows DPI issue is resolved

b.     PLC-S Online-Edit issue([0102] error) is resolved with F/W v6.14(included in package)

[SCADA] CIMON-SCADA Software V3.90 (R180824)

This is CIMON.
Thank you for using our product.

We are releasing CIMON SCADA software V3.90(R180824)

>> This software is intended to be installed on a regular PC, and not on iNT (Touch) products.
>> If you are going to open a project that was created in a lower version of our SCADA software, project back up is strongly recommended. Also, the previous version of the SCADA software should be removed before installing the latest version.

1) Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 SP1 must be installed on your computer from SCADA version 2.8 and up. It will be downloaded automatically if your computer is connected to the internet. If the computer isn’t connected to the internet, please install it via CD or a USB.

2) From CIMON SCADA V2.8 and up, Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008/Window 7 or higher versions are compatible. That means versions V2.8 and upwards cannot operate on Windows 98/me/2000.

3) If there is an issue or if it takes longer than usual for the installing the keylock, install using the HASPUserSetup.exe file of Hldinst2.

4) You must run Setup.exe and install Cimon.


setup.exe/ CIMON_SCADA_EnglishV3.90_R180824.zip
The size of this file: 626MB

Please read following document.(TN1808E_CIMONSCADAV3.90.pdf)
Thank you.

CIMON SCADA 3.90 User Manual

Thank you for your purchase of CIMON-SCADA.
We enclosed herewith CIMON-SCADA Ver 3.90 software User Manual.
Please read this manual carefully before using our product.
The compressed file contains a subfolder and index file:
SCADA Manual
SCADA Manual Index.pdf
Revision-SCADA User Manual Vn.n
You can quickly approach to the each manual by clicking items listed in the index.
Alternatively, you may open a single manual from each directory.
If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.
We, CIMON, always think of our customers first.
※2018. 11. 30. CIMON-SCADA User Manual has been updated (V1.1 Update).
– Please see the attatched file for details of changes.
Thank you.