XpanelDesigner for Hi5 V2.50 R20170217 – Eng

XpanelDesigner Hi5 TP [V2.50 R20170217]

1. Bug fixes

* Test your project and apply it to T.P.

CICON Version 6.10 (R20160712) is released

Tech Note – SCADA, Modbus TCP Master Sample Project

Q. Need a Sample Project for SCADA Modbus TCP Master? 


A. Download the Sample Project(UltimateAccess V3.03) in the below attachment.  


  • Modbus TCP Master: CIMON SCADA (UltimateAccess V3.03) 
  • Modbus TCP Slave: any third-party device that supports Modbus TCP Slave. 
  •  Address Setting: Must follow and enter the address setting from the slave device in CimonD (SCADA). 


  • Address is configured by Modbus functions (Refer to the Address Table below) 
  • Coil Status begins with Address ‘0’ 
  • Input Status begins with Address ‘1’ 
  • Holding Register begins with Address ‘4’ 
  • Input Register begins with Address ‘3’ 






Tech Note – PLC, CM1-WG02A Loadcell Sample Project

Q. Need a Sample Project for Loadcell Module (CM1-WGnnA/C/D/E)? 


A. Download the Sample Project(CICON V6.10) and User Manual below in the attachment.  

  •    Weighing Mode: Indicator Mode. 
  •    Purpose: To use the most common operating mode and provide the measured weight only. 






CICON Version 6.10 (R20160404) is released

Tech Note – PLC-S, Positioning Control Sample

Q. Need a Sample Project for PLC-S CPU (CM3-SP32MDT/V/E/F) built-in positioning function?


A. Download the Sample Project(CICON V6.10) and User Manual below in the attachment.


  •    Control positioning by JOG operation.
  •    Control positioning by POS and Speed.
  •    Control positioning by Linear Interpolation.


XpanelDesigner Version 2.50 (R20160502) is released

XpanelDesigner Ver. 2.50 




For detailed information, please refer to the Xpanel HELP manual.  



XpanelDesigner2.50 Unsupported Devices





*Please be reminded that above devices are not supported in XpanelDesigner 2.50.  


*If a project file is created or edited in the XpanelDesigner 2.50, it cannot be opened in the lower version.    


*Please install Mobile device center if your OS is WINDOWS 7 or above.     


*Simulator function may not operate properly due to the additions of the new functions in XpanelDesigner 2.50.     

  If a base page contains these following objects, simulator will not work.     


 – PageLink object     

 – Switch / Lamp object     

 – Date / Time object     



XPANEL Project Download and Upload Manual


Download and Upload via USB, Ethernet and Removable Disk 


PLC-S CPU built-in Positioning User Manual

PLC-S CPU (CM3) built-in Positioning User Manual is published (April 2016).

PLC-S CPU built-in HSC User Manual

PLC-S CPU (CM3) built-in High Speed Counter User Manual is published (April 2016).