• Provides more than 20,000 different graphic objects to assist with rapid project development.

Screen Capture

  • Without a PC connection, the operation screen on XPANEL can be saved in a Bitmap file for future reference.


  • Animation library makes customizing animations easier


  • Users can simulate projects within the interface before installation.


  • Multiple languages can be shown on one page and are compatible with fonts supported by windows.


  • Protects system from unauthorized access with 10 layers of security.

Data Bridge

  • Synchronize other devices connected to XPANEL. In the case of downed communications, XPANEL can act as the hub for communication

Ethernet Communication

  • One Ethernet port communicate with several devices at the same time. Data can be shared between CIMON-SCADA and XPANEL to configure your custom network.

High-Definition Display

  • High performance LED with low heat and low energy consumption without sacrificing image quality.


  • Easy to use and programmed in C language. Various functions are provided for users to implement custom functions.

Logistics Management

  • Supports different varieties of barcode readers and RFID readers to process logistics management effectively.


  • XPANELs connected via Ethernet can be controlled using a PC or smartphone.


  • Users can create reports in Microsoft Excel based on hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly metrics.

Data Logging

  • XPANEL memory values can be saved by presetting custom functions.

USB Port

  • Supports external devices via USB

Alarm Message

  • A maximum of 10 groups and unlimited alarm notifications can be registered. Alarm history is saved to CSV file which then can be accessed in Excel.


  • Pre-register necessary settings for production and manufacturing process in XPANEL to save production time.
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