PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

CIMON-PLC is a high-performance control device for large plants and other related industries.

  • Module type PLC : XP Series
    • 32Bit CPU. High-speed operation, Floating point operation, Large memory, Redundancy system support for large-scale system
  • Module type PLC : CP Series
    • 16 Bit CPU, Compact size, Reasonable price for a medium scale system
  • All-in-One Compact PLC : PLC-S Series
    • Compact size, High performance, Special command (PID control, High-speed counter) for a medium and small-scale system
  • Micro-S : Block PLC
    • 16Kpps High-Speed Counter (2 Channel) Built-in
      10K Step Memory, 100kpps 2-axis Pulse Output built-in. (Positioning)