Redundancy System

  • CPU, power, base and communication redundancy integrated
  • Redundancy configuration derived from the base structure
  • In case of an error in the active CPU, the back-up CPU will switch to active status automatically
  • Test button to easily check and maintain the system
  • Network redundancy integrated
  • Less than 50ms to switch to back-up CPU
  • Expansion power redundancy integrated

High speed MPU

  • Uses MPU for high-speed proccessing

Various network solution

  • Communication by protocol program for various control device protocols.

Base Expansion

  • Easy base expansion by Ethernet

Compatibility within the same series

  • Programs written in XP, CP, PLC-S are compatible
  • Can be used in similar use cases as other products in the same series due to compatible load programs

Equipped flash memory

  • Alternate between operation mode RAM/ROM

Interactive programming

  • Ladder programs can be simplified
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