UltimateAccess Key Features


  • Users can create reports in Microsoft Excel based on hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly metrics.

Data Logging

  • Users can save and manage historical data which can be exported to text or an Excel file used to illustrate historical trends.


  • Built to control the production of different products, Recipe Editor offers a simple user interface to create, save, and edit parameter sets.


  • 2D and 3D chart can be generated using Data Logging technology.

Trend Analysis

  • UltimateAccess provides real-time and historical mode trends. A maximum of 16 tags can be added to a Trend display. YT, XY, ST and Multiple trends are available.


  • UltimateAccess provides real-time and historical alarm information. With email drivers or mobile applications, you can receive notifications in your email inbox or smartphone. Alarm systems also support event and sound formats such as MID, MP3, WAV, and WMA

Convenient Editing

  • Supporting various object libraries and switch lamps helps users reduce working time


  • UltimateAccess supports any Unicode characters which meet international standards. (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arab, etc.)

CRF21 part 11

  • Safety and Reliability in compliance with CFR21 part 11 standards Security, Audit Trail, and Excel/PDF built-in


  • CIMON-SCADA supports ODBC to search and read records from databases which allow users to register/delete/update data


  • Built-in graphics and animation libraries help users import and create their own custom graphics. Simple graphics editing and animation can be done directly within UltimateAccess.

Visual Basic Script

  • Advanced graphics image and animation libraries are built-in. Users can create their own animation and import different types of graphics. Simple graphics editing (Including animation) can be done directly in UltimateAccess.


  • CIMON-SCADA supports OLE Automation. Through OLE, other programs can monitor and control CIMON. Further documentation can be found in the download center.

I/O Device

  • CIMON supports more than 500 protocols to adapt to the ever-changing industrial field.

User Protocol

  • User protocol helps users build communication drivers using user-friendly tools.


  • Redundancy system for CIMON-SCADA can also be configured by RS232 or Ethernet. This also includes communication redundancy for Primary and Secondary servers.

FEP Communication

  • Facilitating data communication between CIMON-SCADA. FEP Communication is used when clients need to verify server tag data.

OPC Server and Client

  • Provides an easy and user-friendly interface for data communication. (Conforms to standard OPC specifications).
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