• Analog MUX
    • Analog Mux module receives 4 channels of analog signals and outputs them sequentially to one port according to the set time. CIMON PLCS Analog MUX can be set by selecting a channel and you can see the current channel information. Relay On

      • Channels can be enabled/disabled and easy channel information check.
      • Relay ON time can be selected by 0.1~1000.0 sec interval.
      • Relay life expectancy can be checked through the relay counter function.
      • Auto/Manual mode selectable.
      • Not suitable for current signal use since this module only switches analog signals repeatedly.

      See Certifications

  • Specification
    • Specification(CM3-SP04ERO)
      Item Specification
      Analog input channel 3 wire, 4 channel
      Analog input Voltage, RTDm TC
      Max./Min. ON TIME
      Min. : 0.1sec, Max. : 1000sec
      Insulation type Relay
      Capacity 16points
      Access terminal Input : 12 point terminal
      Output : 3 point terminal
      Relay life expectancy Operation number of 108