• Power Module
    • AC88 ~ 264V (DC19 ~ 28 for CM1-SP2B and DC70 ~ 130V for CM1-SPW) is supplied to DC + 5V, + 24V, + 15V, -15V to each part of PLC. The CIMON PLCS power module detects momentary input power failures to prevent malfunctions and data corruption.

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  • Specification
    • Specification
      Item CM3-SP24PWR
      Input Rated Voltage AC88~264V, 50/60HZ
      Current 0.3A(110V), 0.2A(220V)
      Inrush current 60A Peak
      Efficiency 60%
      Permissible instantaneous power failure time 10ms
      Output Voltage Current +24V(0.4A)
      Operation Indication LED is ON when output voltage is normal.