• Remote I/O
      • Real-time control over distributed I/O.
      • Supports various I/O of 16 points and 32 points units.
      • Install up to 64 devices.
      • Save on installation and maintenance costs.
      • Easy system set-up with a convenient system, repair and maintenance configurations.
      • Simple programming for communication.
        -Special program of dialog form.
        -Auto-scan function through CICON.
      • Integration of CPU, power, I/O, communication function in one module provides a convenient all-in-one solution.
      • Checks communication condition of long distance module through a monitor.
      • Built-in Auto Baud Rate function so that an extra setting for communication speed is unnecessary.
      • Supports various communication speed (10K/20K/50K/80K/100K/125K/250K/500K/1000Kbps).
      • Prevents noise from the communication line through insulation of communication diagnostic.
      • Built-in LED for diagnostic functions (Power, Module, Line condition).
  • Communication specifications
    • Specs
      Item Standard
      Transmission standard Standard ISO11898
      Interface CAN BUS
      Media accessory POLL
      Topology Bus
      Cable Twisted Pair Shielded Cable
      Comm. Distance 1000 m (10 kbps)
      Max. number of node
      Maximum I/O data
      40 m (1000 kbps)
      Max. Number of Node 63 stations
      Max. I/O Data 8 byte
  • I/O specifications
    • Specification
      Item Input Mixed Output
      DC(Sink/Source) DC(Sink/Source) TR(Sink) TR(Sink) Relay
      Model RC-XD32A RC-XD16A RC-XY32DT RC-YT32A RC-YT16A RC-YR16A
      Point 32points 16points 16points 16points 32points 16points 16points
      Power DC24V
      I/O voltage/current
      (Load voltage/current)
      DC24V / 7mA DC24V / 7mA DC24V / 0.5A DC24V / 0.5A DC24V / 2A
      AC220 / 2A
      Response Off → on 3ms or less 3ms or less 2ms or less 2ms or less 10ms or less
      on → Off 3ms or less 3ms or less 2ms or less 2ms or less 5ms or less
      Common method 16points / COM 32points / COM 16points / COM 16points / COM
      Current consumption 300mA 400mA 350mA 500mA
      External connection type Terminal connector
      Status signal Input ON : LED ON Input ON : LED ON Output ON : LED ON Output ON : LED ON Output ON : LED ON
      Insulation Communication Photo-coupler between communication port and inner circuit
      I/O Photo-coupler between I/O and inner circuit
      Inner circuit Sink/Source Combined Sink/Source Sink Sink Sink/Source